DCS started in the summer of 2003.
In early 2005, DCS began working on their reputation as one of Dallas’ most hardworking bands. Not being able to rely on Dallas’ music scene, they became heavy self-promoters, playing any shows they could and talking to people wherever they went. This helped them land opening slots for larger bands such as 12 Step Rebels, the Briggs, Conombre Zombi and Flametrick Subs. Then, in summer of 2005, they were given an opening slot on both stops of the Bloodfeast festival, an annual psychobilly festival put on by Hairball8 Records and Texas Psychobilly. Their performance at these shows thrust them from virtual unknowns to getting the recognition they had been working so hard to get.

One fateful show in SanAntonio brought DCS to meet Brutally Frank, a psychobilly band from Missouri. They instantly became friends and planned on playing more shows together. This further helped DCS spread their brand of drunk punkabilly to more people in more states. This also brought them to the attention of Zero Youth Records, an independent punk/psychobilly label based out of Missouri. Dallas not having any labels looking for the blend of rock’n’roll DCS drunkenly cranked out, they eagerly signed with Zero Youth Records and began working diligently on material for their first official album which came to be titled “Ship of Beggars.” With a dedication to music seldom found, DCS continues to gain more fans and respect with every show. They have no intention of slowing down or giving up, regardless of current, and often bland, musical trends. A large part of their dedication and success comes from the family bond that binds the four members of DCS. Matt, Clint, Gabe, and Tim are brothers first and bandmates second, supporting each other always. Preferring cigarettes and booze over the stereotypes of drug use and indifference found in many bands, the DCS family continues to write, perform, and record the music that they love that has attracted punk fans, psychos, and hardcore fans alike.

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