KTP was formed late in the year 2000 by a group of friends in rural Kansas. The band now resides in Lawrence, Kansas.
With the release of Rockers, KTP’s second full-length album from Zero Youth Records, the band successfully fuses the grit of punk rock with snarl of rock’n’roll to create an energy not often heard. The onslaught of buzzing guitars and spit-in-your-face vocals will keep you glued to your stereo for the full record– and after a browsing through the lyric sheet you’re sure to be singing along with every song on the next listen through. There is no sign of these Kansas boys slowing down, and that’s for damn sure.

“Ktp have opened the floodgates and let their musical influences shine through. And that my friends, provides us the listener with one hell of an album.” – Creature Of War (www.readjunk.com)

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