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Through all the years and lineup changes, one thing remains true about Molotov Latte, we LOVE playing music. Originally formed in the fall of ’01, Molotov Latte has been bringing their unique (and constantly evolving) blend of punk rock to dive bars, festivals, colleges, basements, radio stations, and backyards all over the mid-west for over a decade! After a short hiatus in late ’10, Ed (founding member) joined forces with Dalton (longtime fan, and a staple of the local punk scene, playing alongside ML in a slew of different bands over the years) to revive a handful of old Molotov favorites for a chance to open up for the Queers in the fall of ’11. After winning the opening spot for the Queers, and recording a demo of the reworked oldies, Molotov Latte started to put together a short tour to Texas for mid January ‘12, after being asked to play the Visual Vitriol Fest in Houston…but as we all know, sometimes life likes to throw curveballs. After parting ways with our bassist Steven (original lead guitarist for the band) a couple weeks before the tour, and work related problems complicating the dates already booked, Ed and Dalton set off to Texas in a friends van, with a little bit of money, all our gear, and some homemade merch, played a few shows down south as a two piece, had a blast, and had to throw away our coffee mugs due to extenuating circumstances…After returning home, Molotov enlisted Amber (formerly of classy smut, and with a t) as the new bassist, and started concentrating on new music, which came to fruition with the release of their latest “Built for Speed” EP in the spring of ’12. Molotov is currently working on more new tunes as well as rehashing some Molotov oldies from the vault in anticipation of recording and releasing an opus of an album with everything Molotov from the past decade…

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