Since the beginning Nothing Left To Lose has taken pride in their writing and touring work ethic, and plan on doing this as long as they breathe. From the studio to the road, Nothing Left To Lose shines through and proves again and again why they are one of the most sought-after acts in the midwest. Providing a show that consists of violent, awe inspiring music and performance, Nothing Left to Lose grabs listeners from the first note and doesn’t let go. With influences ranging from Bad Religion, Pennywise, and Rise Against, this hardcore punk band quintet – consisting of Tyler Wakefield on vocals, Adam Christensen and Kaia Young on guitar, Travis Weil on bass, and Brian Roe pounding the drums, have been playing together for over a year, and through those hours of practice have honed their sound to a whole new level.
Enter The Last Battle Hymn (Zero Youth Records 2005) –the latest release from the midwest’s most elite. The development of the new record was a solid process of creativity, deeper meaning, maturity, and broadening the horizons of the groups’ musicianship.

“We’ve always been happy with the stripped down sound that Punk and Hardcore was known for, and we have done well for ourselves with that ideal,” explains guitarist and founding member Adam Christensen. “However, for the new record we weren’t satisfied with three chord songs and keeping it simple. With The Last Battle Hymn, the accessibility is still there, but now there’s much more going on.”

With songs like: Ghost Town, My America, and Revolution–it’s virtually impossible to deny the political overtones of the bands music. Not to be pigeon-holed as a political group, Nothing Left To Lose has brought so much more to the lyrical aspect of their music. Emotion without being too weepy was one bold step, not to mention spirituality and integrity without being preachy. Usually hard to do, yet in this release is pulled of masterfully. Armed with the elements of fundamental dynamics, Nothing Left To Lose has always thrived to take their music to the next step without compromising their message, ideals, or sound.

Nothing Left to Lose’s previous two efforts, Fight the Good Fight (Target Market Records 2002), and Together Forever Eternity (Drop10 Records 2003), the latter of which went out of print after quickly selling three thousand copies within fifteen months, have paved the way for their most mature sound yet.

Sharing the stage with acts like: The Toasters, One-21, Hanover Saints, The Blamed, Flatfoot 56, Headnoise, The Huntingtons, The Nekromantix, Roper, Officer Negative, Mercury Radio Theatre, The Elms, and Disciple have given this group of five friends the ability and the opportunity to forge their way ahead in a scene that is quickly drowning any hopes for originality.

Nothing Left to Lose has steadily been on the road, building a regional following of devoted friends and fans. Night after night it brings to the stage a stunning, fast-paced spectacle of crunching guitars and rousing drums, winning audiences over one show at a time. With the release of The Last Battle Hymn, the five friends that make up Nothing Left To Lose look to pioneer a new path in experiencing music.

“I haven’t seen them in a real long time and all I got to say is that they were amazing. Had some new ones that I never heard before and I was blown away.” – Alex Porter (The United Underground) “Think early Dogwood mixed with The Blamed type breakdowns. Definitely worth a listen. Punk–with post punk tendencies.”

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