Only The Lonely is more wicked stepsister than brainchild, but it definitely came to life somewhere inside Dalena (better known to fans of her burlesque work as Sista Shotgun) and Kaia Young in 2011, with all signs pointing toward a massive growth spurt. Part punk infused rock, part 80’s pop inspired metal, there’s no line these two won’t cross.
Generally fed up with stereotypes and the overemphasis on women in music rather than the music women are making, Kaia and Dalena formed OTL as a means to let the skeletons in their closets dance around- with instruments! The focus from day one has been on quality of songwriting and recording above all else, truly producing the best music the duo can concoct between them. Kaia plays nearly every instrument in the studio, with Dalena contributing vocals, lyrics, and experimental instruments.

Kaia is responsible for the recording and production of dozens of notable albums, and both have spent years in the industry fronting and shredding in long-running bands such as Nothing Left to Lose, Queen City Saints and The Luna Sequence, gaining the experience to set their personal goals and standards high- which is the trademark sound you hear in Only The Lonely; the frustration, dedication, and raw talent of two women who genuinely have what it takes to make music the way they want to because they can.

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