Robert Fucking Bailey Plays Punk Rock Music.  
but it doesnt really sound like punk rock music, it usually sounds like Ska, or Ozarks Bluegrass, or LoFi or Rockabilly, or whatever else  but its Punk Rock Music. You arent sure why, but you just kind of know that it is. 
 Maybe its a little faster, maybe its a little louder, or maybe its just a little too sarcastic, but his music plays like your favorite road trip mix tape, it's ADHD incarnate.

when you see one of his shows live, You leave wondering if you like his music more, or just like everyone elses less....

Download is Zero Youth Records Solo Debut Springfield Famous for FREE HERE:

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Track Listing:
1. Lucky Break
2. Feminism For Douchebags
3. Broke Rockstar
4. Hard Luck
5. All Washed Up
6. R.W.I
7. Rollin Nowhere
8. Worry Wort
9. Sunshine
10. GoBabyGo!!
11. The Transylvania Twist
12. Modern Prometheus
13. Springfield Famous

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