Way back in the spring of the year 2000, Rob, Ryan, and Bill of the defunct band AWOL-13 formed The Overdogs with a new enthusiasm for beer, fun, sex, mocking rednecks, and loud, fast Rock and Roll. Since that enchanted spring, The Overdogs have performed their rowdy rock show at bars, parks, community centers, pubs, front porches, an auto body shop, a police station/fire department, taverns, front yards, pool halls, skate parks, juke joints, a wedding party, a tire store, and other various dives and the occasional shit-hole, and they ALWAYS have a blast, no matter where the show is. On December 31, 2000, the first album arrived. “If You Can’t Say Anything Nice… Put It To Music!!” gathered the attention of an intrepid young reporter at The Jacket, the local High School newspaper, and the article he wrote made the band famous all over less than one half of the school. The reporter did write in his article that Bill the drummer should never sing. Good advice that the band completely ignored. The next year and a half after the first album arrived was a blur of fun, wild, beer soaked gigs. The Overdogs’ one and only performance at the Springfield Skate Park landed them in the Springfield Newsleader, enshrouded in a foul-language controversy, which made them very popular with people who cuss a lot, like sailors, bikers, and heavily tattooed women. On August 20, 2002, the second full-length album, “Drink A Lot Of Beer” arrived. Another dose of drunken punk. Then, it was back to to more beer soaked gigs in support of the two albums. Next came the EP entitled, “Sorry About Your Bathroom” in the fall of 2003. It was recorded in Joplin. The Overdogs love Joplin. It’s a bitchin’ town. In September of 2004, The Overdogs found ahome at ZERO YOUTH RECORDS and released another full length album titled “LIVE AT REVEAL”. Witch is nineteen of The Overdogs’ favorite songs to perform at their shows. Today, The Overdogs are still grinding away at it, constantly developing new drunken anthems for their fifth CD, and honing their skills as the best-drunk punk band to ever come out of Laclede County, Misery. (New Full-Length Do out this Summer on ZYR!)
β€œTo put it simply: think about what Great Big Sea would sound like if they went punk and I think you?ll begin to hear the picture. This album is fast-paced with driving rhythms and dance worthy beats; the perfect music for Thursday nights at the bar with a group of chums looking to have a good time. Not only are the Overdogs hard rocking but they?re lyrical masters as well; wizards with a pen and paper that manage to get their point across with an economy of verse.” – Adam A. Donaldson (LucidMedia)

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